It doesn’t have to be crazy at work – quick book review

I usually stick to one book and finish it before moving on, but this book grabbed my attention instantly. Firstly because I love the way the authors run their company. They are so unconventional and so intentional at the same time. So I dropped my current book (The Undoing Project) and jumped into this book.

What an amazing book. From it, I hoped to learn more about the philosophy behind running calm companies and teams. The approach affects everything from pricing products, arranging teams, growing the company and even how tonot raise money.

All the chapters are titled around one aspect of how to run a calm company. My favorite chapters were:

  1. Jomo (Joy of missing out)
  2. Promise not to promise
  3. Benefits Who? – Have real benefits not gimicks
  4. Don’t Negotiate Salaries – pay in the top 5% and don’t compromise on that
  5. Don’t cheat sleep – you need the energy to be productive
  6. The trust battery – how to increase trust

Every piece of advice was based on experience and a proven track record. The way the book is written makes it easy to digest.

There was one thing that I didn’t like about this book. They use curse words all the time. I understand the point they try to make but you can use other words with very similar impact, besides this each chapter bring the point across very well.

If you want to run a company or team without all the fluff industries add then you should read this book. If you one day want to start an effective company, you should read this book. If you need more calm in your work-life, go ahead, read this book.

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