Dwain Lourens Maralack

 Software engineer with 10 years of remote working experience.  I have delivered software that serves millions of monthly active users. I have led people and projects, built software, and have a firm foundation in customer support. I’m not afraid to ask questions or to utter the words: “I don’t know”.


Automattic Inc.[ Current, since 2013, 8 Years ]                                          Engineering Manager

  • Lead a payments team that worked on parts of WooCommerce payments, the system responsible for a significant part of company revenue.

Automattic Inc.  [ 2013-2018, 8 Years ]                                          Senior Software Engineer

  • Launched a white label payment solution.
  • Hired as part of the distributed hiring team reviewing code submission.
  • Built a deploy and program testing system as part of a small team to allow developers code to be tested before it is deployed.
  • Maintain a successful eCommerce site, adding custom integrations for selling software and driving sales.
  • Supporting  Customers and partners as part of the customer support team.
  • Manage a merchant driven market place meeting vendor and customer requirements.
  • Own and be directly responsible for multiple projects and parts of the WooCommerce.com codebase.

MiiWeb Pty(Ltd).  [ 2008-2013, 5 Years]                               Entrepreneur / Software Engineer

  • Train interns and customers..
  • Grow the business from zero to sustainable.
  • Build Sales and marketing channels and systems to scale.


Leadership,  Architecture, VIM, MySql, PHP, JavaScript,WordPress, eCommerce, CI/CD, WordPress, Git, very comfortable on Unix like systems.

Please take a look at my linked in profile for a more detailed CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dwain-maralack-674b69148/