Dwain Lourens Maralack

Software engineer focused on eCommerce. 5+ years of distributed work experience. Fast learner, personal development student and always seeking opportunities to become a better version of myself.


  • 10+ years experience in the online industry
  • Self starter
  • Deep understanding of user experience
  • Nothing that I will be unable to learn.
  • Keen interest in naming things
  • Full stack developer
  • fast learner
  • WordPress Expert
  • PHP Expert
  • Strong understanding of MySql internals
  • Very comfortable in the terminal


Senior Software Engineer

Working at Automattic, on the WooCommerce division, The largest eCommerce platform in the World. I have worked on many tough problems and doing this in a distributed team has helped me become self-driven. I can take charge of a project and provide the right motivation to see it through.

No problem should be solved twice. So my focus will be on creating articfacts to ensure the organisation remains effecient and that resources are not wasted on repeat mistakes.

I have a diverse background bringing a unique perspective to the challenges users face. I understand the customer from my years in customer support, I have a strong sense of running a business from running my own hosting business and I have a keen eye for making customer feel appreciated.

As a personal development student, I believe in effective communication and quality through iteration.

Software Engineer

Lead developer working on a LMS called Sensei.

Customer Support Professional

Working day in and day out providing happiness to the customer from all corners of the world. Understanding how to defuse tense situations and using communication skills to ensure customers remain loyal to the brands we support. The honed written communication skills.


Running a sustainable business and being familiar with sales, marketing and customer support. Taking a business from zero to sustainable has helped me overcome the fear of failing and.


  • Software Architecture with a keen interest in appropriately naming things.
  • Communication with a keen focus on consensus and moving closer to the desired outcome.
  • Programming with a focus on PHP, Go and Javasrcipt. I have 10 years programming experience and have shipped many high value features.
  • Leadership, understating the value in serving others to enable us all to reach a common goal. Undrestanding how to apply myself in such a manner that we as a team succeeds and knowing when to

Please take a look at my linked in profile for a more detailed CV: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dwain-maralack-674b69148/