Internet at aboard the pacific pearl

Working remotely for Woothemes which allows me to change my office location like I change my shocks. With this benefit my wife and I decided to take the opportunity to work out at sea.

She is the crew doctor for P&O cruise-liner in the south pacific just off the coast of Australia. Working at sea comes with a dozen plus benefits, but these doesn’t always include a stable internet connection from which I work.

On the current ship , the Pacific Pearl, this issue has almost been removed thanks to P&O moving to a new service provider . With this provider I’m able to get download speed of 2mb p/s and upload of 1mb p/s . Now this is really very basic but it is not dial up speeds, and you can get a decent amount of Work done with this connection.

The connection is still very expensive and may be down at certain times but I find it to work wonderfully for 80% of the time.

Start your Journey now

At this point in my life I am happy. I have a relationship with my heavenly Father through Jesus. I have a loving wife with who’m I’m excited to share the rest of my life with and together we are working towards common goals.

This blog post will serve as the official starting point of my Journey. I publish this in faith as I believe there will be others asking me about my journey and how I made and and i’d like to share my ups downs and what I have done but more specifically the mind set behind my success as a Software Engineer. Continue reading “Start your Journey now”

Your story matters, share it

We all have those times when really need inspiration. Most times we find it in the simplest places. It’s in books, blogs, talks even the little children, other times we draw inspiration from our industry leaders and people we look up to.

The leader you choose not to see

When speaking about great leaders our thoughts often go out to great names like Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill and like, but you often fail to notice the leader staring back at you in the mirror. This leader , the one you fail to see, has a lot more to give than you can currently imagine.

Lead from where you are

Often we look for the position and the acceptance from other people before we will take charge and lead from our current position. We sometimes pass on each great opportunity because of fear.

Show us what you’ve got

Consider this for a moment. No matter how you see yourself, Someone looks up to you. So do them a favour. Tell your story. Share your journey with them. Talk about your failures and success. Share the the gift of your precious life.

I’m slowly sharing mine, so go on share yours. Blog about it, make a video or add it to your about me page. Host a talk. What ever you do, share it !

Let consistency be your trump card

When I see a kid so brilliant I often wonder if it is worth trying to compete.  I mean if I were to be a classically trained pianist at age 30, seeing  a kid at age 4 I would question my abilities in comparison to his.

The common thread

We all desire to be the best and to be recognised as such. Hence the ladders we climb in the corporate world, tribes and communities. Although we are not all like this it is a common trend that can’t be ignored.

Consistency trumps the WizKid

I am a firm believer that great men are not born, but that they are made. I am well aware that there are wiz kids out there who simply excel without the level of experience any normal human being would need, but they are not the what keep our economy afloat. They dazzle us but the aim is not to simply be impressive the aim is be consistent.

In some instances with a sheer stroke of luck the genius in the room takes home the bacon, but it has been proven over time that slow and steady wins the race.

Life Lessons learnt in support

On 1 December 2012, I started working full time as a support ninja at WooThemes.

Besides motoring away everyday at making clients happy, I have also been monitoring my progress along the way. Now by monitoring I mean physically counting the tickets and doing analytics and basic reflection. During  this time  I have found out that there are some valuable life lessons and disciplines that I got from simply doing support from day to day.

I’m continually learning, but I’ll be happy to share my lessons with you:

Continue reading “Life Lessons learnt in support”

Remove Disqus comments from WordPress pages

You have just installed the Disqus comment system on your WordPress blog and now you see it appearing all over the show, on both pages and posts alike. I ran into the same issue and for obvious reasons only wanted to show it on single blog posts and would love to share how I fixed this with you.

There are only two simple steps so be sure to do exactly as I explain.

Step 1

Disqus is added to your posts and page alike through the WorPress ‘comments_template’ filter. In order to override this we  will have to disable this filter from being called by the plugin. To do this add the following code to your theme’s functions.php:

This will only disable Disqus, but will still show the default comment system, which we’ll remove in the next step.

Step 2

The final step will simply be to remove the default comment system from pages as well. To save you some time there is already a plugin that does this:

After installing and activating this plugin. Go over to the settings and make sure you select by post type option ensure that only blog posts are unchecked ( meaning comments will be hidden for the checked post types).


Git vimdiff Mergetool Cheat sheet

Your project is progressing at an amazing pace. You’re committing regularly, getting close to the release date when you suddenly hit a merge conflict! What do you do now?

You see something like : file.extension : needs merge. Frantically, you google and, see that opening the merge tool will help and now you’re dumbstruck. I’ll help you along here.

Vim Diff shows you 4 windows.

The first thing you should note about the four windows is that you can have the cursor in any one of the four and work from there. To move the cursor around you press:

'CTRL + W'  ' CTRL + W'    (notice that you should press it twice)

Now Let me explain each of the windows. ( not in order).

(1) The target branch, which is the one you’re on now. This is where you would like to merge the other branch into, but this window is only used as a reference to see what the current branch looks like.

(3) The remote/merge branch which is the branch that you would like to merge into the local/target branch above (1).

(2) The most common ancestor of the target (1) and the merge(3) branch.

(4) The final branch into which you would like to merge the target and the merge branch. This a generated file into which the most common items are merged. This is where you need to pull items from target (1) and merge (3) into, to give you the final file.

The second thing you would like to do is move from one conflict area to the next.

]c  (right square bracket ‘c’) move you to the next conflicting text

:ls identify the windows (names and numbers) This is important so you can combine it with diffput and diffget commands below.

`[c`   (left square bracket ‘c’) moves you to the previous conflicting text.

:diffget  *     diff get takes a change and brings it into the current working window. You need to use this with the identity that you find when  running :ls . You can also use ‘do’ as a shortened version (without the colon)

:diffput modify another buffer from the current focus area.

These are all of the operations you’ll need to move changes from merge( window 3) and target ( window 2) into the final file.

I’ll add more and change this cheat sheet as I discover this tool.