2 thoughts on “Crypto currency

  1. I think people should definitely learn how to safely use this technology before diving in, but I don’t agree with the exact wording in this post.

    Cryptocurrencies are really complex and I don’t think many people fully understand how it all works. Even after reading several books on the subject (and listening to all of http://www.blockzero.show/), I still feel like my understanding is shallow.

    I think it’s sufficient to take the right precautions, which could simply mean managing your currency with a trusted and well-known piece of software that is unlikely to make mistakes like the one mentioned in the article. The right precautions are also different depending on if you’re buying $20 worth of bit coin or $20,000.

    An analogy with regular cash: Carrying $5 around in your pocket is probably not a big deal, but you’d probably want to keep your life savings in a bank account. But even for your bank account, you wouldn’t necessarily have to understand how the financial system works before using it 🙂


    1. Totally agree wit your point Nabeel.

      People jumping on the latest trends and telling others to do the same while they and their followers have no understanding is what I don’t grasp. In some cases people with their last bit of savings, hoping to make it big.

      The idea that this is a currency is awesome, the sad thing I notice is that people put money in hoping it will grow, so using it more like an investment.

      I guess we humans have been doing smart and silly things at the same time for more than a few decades :shrug_emoji:


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