One liner for importing multiple SQL files using WP CLI DB command

In some cases, SQL backups break exports into multiple files, usualy by table name.

I wanted to import all the files in one go and figured googled my way to this “one liner”:

for sql in `ls wp_sql`                                                     
Next up is $sql
time wp db import wp_sql/$sql --skip-optimization

How to use this command – Setup:

This assumes that you have exported the files correctly.

  1. Make sure that the directory holding your SQL files are in the root WordPress directory (next to wp-config.php file)
  2. Make sure you’ve changed directory to the WordPress root.
  3. Rename the directory towp_sql or change the name in the script to the name of your directory.
  4. Add each command line by line.

I hope this helps some one.

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