Keeping a journal can change your life

I started some time ago, but it is now more focused and intentional.

I’ve always used a notebook but have recently started using the Dayone App. It allows for multiple journals in one app. So I have a journal for health, wealth my walk in Christ and even one for my son Judah.

I keep track of all my goals and my progress towards them. I write down lessons learnt and mistake I wish to avoid in future. I write some very private stuff, and also keep note of my bad habits.

When you journal you keep a record of your growth. The mind simply doesn’t track change like this. It doesn’t remember small changes over a long time. Just like when you see a friend after a long time, you can show they’ve changed, but they and the people around them don’t notice much. Reviewing the journal after some time is like visiting an old friend. You see all the changes in their life and can compare what you’ve written down.

Jim Rohn speak so powerfully about Journalling, this inspired me even more:


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