The habit of scheduling blog posts

I’m not good at blogging. I do a terrible job of regularly updating this site, well tat’s untill I discovered scheduling.

On it’s a simple calendar button next to the publish button.

I love this feature as I’m not always inspired, but sometimes I get 4 to 5 ideas in one go. Then I can etither draft them or start writing them out schedule them.

This exercise in bloggin for me is a learning process. I’m learning to organize my thoughts. Learning to commit publicising my thoughts. And Learning to be open to criticism or the fear of “What would other people think.”. So scheduling is kind of an escape. I fear pressing publis, but scheduling, that’s easy. It’s not going out now. Then in a few days I see it posted to my twitter and other social media accounts then I realise whelp thats out now.

I believe that Scheduling is the future of my continous blogging.

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