Next chapter and moving into a new role

Today marks the start of a new and exciting journey. I’m starting in a new role as a Developer at Woothemes.

For the past two years I’ve been working with an amazing team in the technical support department . I’ve learnt so much about our clients and their needs. The support team serves as the frontline for Woothemes .  I’m excited to apply my experience gained in my new role.

My main focus will be to Work on our Sensei ( Learner Management System ) plugin. I’ve been a contributor on Sensei for the past few months, working weekends and after hours. With more time to focus on what I love, I aim to improve Sensei’s functionality, code and developer documentation.

Finally with more time after hours I look forward to learning and improving my skills as a software engineer.

4 thoughts on “Next chapter and moving into a new role

  1. Congrats Dwain! You have also helped us with Sensei. A big thanks.

    Now for a question:
    As Woo Affiliates, one major question that comes up is a Teacher/Classroom model that I believe is on the roadmap…correct? First, what does that future functionality look like?

    Second, there is currently a possible use of Sensei with WooCommerce Groups + Memberships + Subscriptions like I’ve seen written about.

    But there is no Front End Administration for one, so both Teachers and Students can sign in without needing to get into the WP Admin. Could such a plugin…with possible use of bbPress, or BuddyPress. or WP Multisite (depending on client needs) to get close to the “privacy” each classroom will need, run by a separate teacher…allowing then many teachers with their classrooms…all with superintendents over that…who do use the WP Admin?

    That model could work for Public, Private, Corporate, even Small Electic Training Operations like English as a Second Language…or any key, marketable skill that folks have and want to share through Sensei. It could be a Sensei Marketplace of Courses…each by a different teacher/expert.

    Anyone you know actually create something like this, that gets close to the Teacher/Classroom model? What’s missing in the ingredients, the mix…even with some custom coding…while not hacking the WP core or even the core of Sensei?

    Grateful for your help,

    Steve Walsh
    Architect for Business


    1. Hey Steve, Thank you !

      The frontend is currently only reserved for Students. Teacher will need to use wp-admin. We actually do not have anything like a front end teacher area on the road map. I’m sure there is something on the ideas board but haven’t seen anything concrete. Maybe you could suggest something and possibly give us your thoughts on how this should work ? .

      The idea above ties in nicely with a Market place which is something we wanted to facilitate and we’re looking at ways to do this without reinventing the wheel.

      I haven’t seen any public website that have done something like this yet. I can tell you though that We’re giving more power to the teacher role which will bring us a step closer to your desired configuration. This will be out in version 1.8.0.


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