Have you tried working Less?

Let me just say this:  Stop working overtime on that project. Set your hours. Push hard at it and then rest at a pre-defined point. Enjoy life after working hard.

You’ve been pushing the hours on that project. The deadline is at hand. Just another hour you say. If you can push it for another hour you’ll surely reach the deadline, heck you’ll even finish earlier and have time for all those things that you’re not allowing yourself to get to now?

Lets take a step back. A few weeks ago you just started this project with a fresh vision, a mind to finish it all and on top of that you were so excited you could hardly wait to get started. And then with a clear slate you stepped into it promising yourself that it will be different this time and it never was.

Falling Short

We see the Marathon runners pushing themselves to the edge right through out the race and then collapse a few feet short of successfully completing the race.  In fact we have all found ourselves at a point we are simply unable to push further but the end is so close that if you took just a few more steps you would be victorious. Sadly you’ve pushed yourself so Hard that you simply don’t have enough strength to finish with your hands held high.

It’s ok to be hard on yourself

You always hear these words, don’t be to hard on yourself, but honestly you should be. You should be disciplined enough to stop at the predefined time. Set out your work hours. If that means you’ll work another 2 hours per day , do it but determine this before you start. Once you reach your cut off, stop and rest.

Finish strong, with your hands held high!


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