Internet at aboard the pacific pearl

Working remotely for Woothemes which allows me to change my office location like I change my shocks. With this benefit my wife and I decided to take the opportunity to work out at sea.

She is the crew doctor for P&O cruise-liner in the south pacific just off the coast of Australia. Working at sea comes with a dozen plus benefits, but these doesn’t always include a stable internet connection from which I work.

On the current ship , the Pacific Pearl, this issue has almost been removed thanks to P&O moving to a new service provider . With this provider I’m able to get download speed of 2mb p/s and upload of 1mb p/s . Now this is really very basic but it is not dial up speeds, and you can get a decent amount of Work done with this connection.

The connection is still very expensive and may be down at certain times but I find it to work wonderfully for 80% of the time.

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