Start your Journey now

At this point in my life I am happy. I have a relationship with my heavenly Father through Jesus. I have a loving wife with who’m I’m excited to share the rest of my life with and together we are working towards common goals.

This blog post will serve as the official starting point of my Journey. I publish this in faith as I believe there will be others asking me about my journey and how I made and and i’d like to share my ups downs and what I have done but more specifically the mind set behind my success as a Software Engineer.

There are many things that has contributed to my success. I’ll mention the most important two. Firstly my connection to God, which is Jesus. Through Him I learn humility, servanthood, discipline , righteousness , honesty and many other great characteristics that reflect in my daily conduct and decision making.  The second most important influence is my wife who supports me in love, she helps me to focus on the my goals and she motivates me to keep going. I attribute my success to God  and secondly Lauren. Now saying the above I do understand that Jesus and Lauren influences my success but it will still require a sacrifice from my side and this will not come easy.

My wife is a medical doctor and studied for 6 years and did 3 years practical training which make for a 9 year commitment toward becoming a professional  During this time she spent nights upon nights studying, and countable hours practicing. Today she knows her stuff, she is trusted and can walk into any health institute and start working. Now looking at myself, I studied for 3 years toward my diploma in IT and then started working … and never stopped. After studying I read thousands of articles and read a few books on Software development, but I was never again focused on studying and practising with intent. Which means setting specific times apart during the week where I wold practice and learn.

Currently I am a programmer doing support. I love working at Woothemes and I enjoy what I do. i just realise that I enjoy programming more and would love to do this full time. Now the easy way out would be to quit and settle for for les and just start working as a Junior software developer somewhere and then work your way up from there, but at Woothemes I am blessed to work with great developer and my choice is to improve my skill to the point where I exceed them, not because I’m brilliant but because I’m willing to work hard towards it.

I don’t have the exact plan as to what I want to do yet but I have and idea and i’ll start by setting out times for study / practice from now on. So  let the journey begin.

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