Your story matters, share it

We all have those times when really need inspiration. Most times we find it in the simplest places. It’s in books, blogs, talks even the little children, other times we draw inspiration from our industry leaders and people we look up to.

The leader you choose not to see

When speaking about great leaders our thoughts often go out to great names like Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill and like, but you often fail to notice the leader staring back at you in the mirror. This leader , the one you fail to see, has a lot more to give than you can currently imagine.

Lead from where you are

Often we look for the position and the acceptance from other people before we will take charge and lead from our current position. We sometimes pass on each great opportunity because of fear.

Show us what you’ve got

Consider this for a moment. No matter how you see yourself, Someone looks up to you. So do them a favour. Tell your story. Share your journey with them. Talk about your failures and success. Share the the gift of your precious life.

I’m slowly sharing mine, so go on share yours. Blog about it, make a video or add it to your about me page. Host a talk. What ever you do, share it !

Published by Dwain Maralack

Servant, Husband, Software Engineer and all round fun-loving guy, I work as a Developer at WooThemes.

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