Let consistency be your trump card

When I see a kid so brilliant I often wonder if it is worth trying to compete.  I mean if I were to be a classically trained pianist at age 30, seeing  a kid at age 4 I would question my abilities in comparison to his.

The common thread

We all desire to be the best and to be recognised as such. Hence the ladders we climb in the corporate world, tribes and communities. Although we are not all like this it is a common trend that can’t be ignored.

Consistency trumps the WizKid

I am a firm believer that great men are not born, but that they are made. I am well aware that there are wiz kids out there who simply excel without the level of experience any normal human being would need, but they are not the what keep our economy afloat. They dazzle us but the aim is not to simply be impressive the aim is be consistent.

In some instances with a sheer stroke of luck the genius in the room takes home the bacon, but it has been proven over time that slow and steady wins the race.

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